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Regardless of your net worth, you can benefit from having a comprehensive asset protection plan in place.  While you already have minimal protection in the form of state and federal property exemptions, those won’t cover all your assets.  An added layer of security can be obtained through the strategic use of trusts and other tools, which often results in complete protection of all your hard-earned assets.  Safe from creditors, safe from lawsuits, safe from unforeseen liabilities.

You’ve probably heard stories about people losing substantial amounts of money, personal property, or even their homes after being sued or going bankrupt.  This doesn’t have to happen to you.  There are simple, cost-effective solutions to these threats.  And the good news is that it’s not too late to protect yourself.


We are trained to recognize potential risks and assess vulnerabilities not just in your current situation, but in your future endeavors as well.  We design customized asset protection plans around your specific circumstances, providing security from threats to your business and personal property.  Business owners can be protected from lawsuits brought by former partners, personal liability for corporate misconduct, and professional malpractice claims.  Individuals can be protected from claims in bankruptcy proceedings, attacks by creditors, and third-party automobile or injury claims when insurance coverage is insufficient.

The future is uncertain, but with the right plan in place, the safety of your assets can be assured.  These are just a few of the strategies we employ to safeguard your wealth:


Our goal is to design an asset protection plan that meshes with your estate plan, and which is tailored to the type of assets you have at risk and the type of claims that might be brought against you or your business.  We start with a thorough and confidential discussion about your particular circumstances, concerns, and objectives.  After identifying risks, vulnerabilities, and potential threats, we present a list of options and propose a path forward.  As your partner in this project, we are there for you every step of the way to answer questions and offer guidance.  In the end, your customized plan will not only insulate your assets from attack, it will complement your estate plan by ensuring the privacy of your financial affairs and simplifying the settlement of your estate when the time comes.

Building a robust asset protection plan can be complex, but our fees are not.  We believe in complete transparency with every client.  That is the only way to create long-lasting relationships. The cost of the project will be clearly communicated before we take the first step.  You’ll know exactly what to expect, so there are no surprises or hidden fees.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to help secure your future, look no further.

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